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Delivering People-First Cultures That Succeed.

In a rapidly evolving work landscape with changing demands and expectations from the next generation workforce; It's time to ditch the stuffy ways of working and embrace the modern needs of your current & future teams. As a People consultant with over a decade of experience, I'm passionate about designing custom solutions that prioritize the needs of your employees and drive your business forward.

If you’re a business owner who recognizes that your people are your greatest asset to your success; let’s collaborate!

A Little Bit More About Me

Hey there! I'm Isabella, born in Northern Ontario, Canada - currently living in London, UK. I studied HR Management at York University in Toronto and spent over a decade working with national and multinational corporations, startups, and everything in between. I’ve tackled a variety of People projects ranging from; integrating behavioral testing tools into recruitment and performance reviews, leading a global mobility scheme to retain key talent, launching a national employee engagement platform, and managing high volume recruitment periods for large corporations. 

I've always been interested in how businesses operate through their people. And at a young age, I had a stark realization that, like many of you, most of my waking hours would be spent "at work." That's why I've dedicated my career to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be employed within an environment that enables them to thrive both personally and professionally. In 2021, I co-founded KIND Community, a global community-backed growth agency supporting impact-driven founders to scale. At KIND, I built a high performing team and community from the ground up, learning firsthand the importance of putting people at the center of everything we do as business owners.

But what I really love is helping other business owners navigate the ever-changing landscape of the modern workplace. As your experienced People consultant, I'm here to help you design customised solutions that align with your business goals and your employees' needs. Whether it's attracting top talent, creating an engaged workplace, or equipping your team to stay ahead of the curve with my Future of Work masterclass, I’d love to connect and talk all things people.


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